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About Us

VividArtsy is a brand for women inspired by independent women of today (Under the company name Seraphic Fashion Retail Pvt. Ltd.), who believe in simple living and sophisticated thinking. Minimalistic yet bizarre, the collection is an absolute trendsetter.

Contrasting Silhouettes, vivid prints and relaxed wearability are the defining features of this collection. Flirtatious blends of sophistication and simplicity tailored with the finest fabrics and stitched with utmost precision by master tailors who follow world class standards; it has a range as eclectic as the roles women play throughout their lives. VividArtsy’s signature style is elegant, understated pieces which have been sharply and carefully stitched. You can expect bold colors, vibrant designs and a spectrum of innovation. Clothes are available for all occasions and purposes, from casual wear to work. Inspired by women, our collections reflect strength and individuality in our clothes.

Here, at VividArtsy, we don’t just make clothes. We make art.

Our Story

VividArtsy is a brand that pays tribute to the misfits in our society. Quirky and weird in their own way, they aren't cookie cutter stereotypes of women. They're independent, they're headstrong and they're sophisticated. VividArsty is for every woman who wants to break the monotony in clothing. The collection features basics with a twist. Every woman who is beautifully eccentric in her own way can relate to this collection. It is for every woman who is self-reliant.

She, who is independent.  

She who is the face of a modern woman, who is strong and resilient in the face of adversity.

She's a storm of a girl. Fierce as thunder and brighter than lightning.

She's a maverick...

She's not a helpless little girl who needs rescuing. She is self-sufficient and complete in herself.

She’s vivid, vivacious and lively, she never lets her numerous roles and responsibilities affect her fun and frolic nature.

She's caring...

She has a beautiful, kind heart filled with a lot of love. She values every relationship that she builds.

She's a happy soul in her own skin, content with every fiber of her being.

She's artsy, creative, open minded and free-spirited.

That She- is you.